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'Tattoo Nightmares' rescues ‘No One’s Bitch’ on Spike

Jasmine with big fan Anthony

On Tuesday night's episode of "Tattoo Nightmares," Jasmine, Big Gus and Tommy, the tattoo doctors had another challenge on their hands in this episode titled, “No One’s Bitch.” With impulsive decisions and broken relationships, many people are walking around with some dreadful tattoos; some have nearly ruined peoples’ lives, but the re-enacted stories behind them are often worse than the tattoos.

As the episode begins, Tommy walks into the shop yelling YOLO (you only live once), as they all discuss how cover-ups can be just as hard to cover a small tattoo as a large one.

Jasmine’s client Josh, is a 30-year-old baby, but she states that she is out of there if he comes in wearing a diaper. However, he has a large tattoo reading “Baby Boy” in bubble-letters on his back, which he deeply regrets. He now works for the Coast Guard and is a leader; until someone sees this tattoo. Because he is a multi-tasker, he would like an octopus.

Tommy’s client Tai is looking to get rid of the Japanese symbol on the back of his neck. Not only does he have it in a bad spot, but there is a crease on his neck where the middle of the tattoo sits. He is going to check with Jasmine, who works with darker skin more than Tommy. He is a comedian and would like a Cheshire cat to represent his smile. After conferring with Jasmine about the color palette, he came up with an awesome cat.

When Big Gus’ client came in, she asked him not to judge her. Anh was hanging with the wrong crew growing up. Now she wants no sign of her past life to follow her. Right below her belly button, the words “No One’s Bitch” with a teardrop under it stood out in black script. She would like a Chinese New Year dragon to replace this debacle. Gus will have a job on his hands because after giving birth, the stomach is more elastic and harder to tattoo.

Jasmine’s client loved the sketch of the octopus, and she was happy that he liked it. Now for the work she had ahead of her, and his explanation of how this happened. He was 16, and a DJ around town called DJ Baby Boy. When he did a gig for a bunch of bikers, a 350-pound biker forced him to get the tattoo, under the guise of bringing him to a party.

Gus’ client went to a school that was mostly Hispanic, and being Asian; she wanted to fit in. She started talking like them, and wearing makeup to look like them. Then the biggest bad boy of them all became her boyfriend. When her beeper went off, she called him, and he wanted her to come there and have sex with him right then. She told him she was no one’s bitch, and proceeded to get the tattoo. When he saw it, he dumped her. As she got older and a bit wiser, she got pregnant. The first day her parents saw the tattoo was the day she gave birth, and they freaked out.

Tommy’s client brought back lasting memories of a woman who tried to kill him. After finally deciding to get matching tattoos, he went through the pain of a heavy-handed artist, when she decided not to get hers. They broke up and months later; she saw him in a store and waved to him. After not speaking for months, she attacked him in the store with a box cutter stabbing him in the back. It required 160 stitches, but the emotional scars remain. Hopefully, the cover-up with now erase the memories of her, because he has not had a good night’s sleep in thirteen years.

The octopus was absolutely awesome, Baby Boy, will no longer be disrespected and his future is looking even brighter.

The dragon was also breathtaking, and now she will no longer have a tattoo to be ashamed of, and her daughter can see it without shame.

The Cheshire cat was amazing. His toothy smile was so wide; nobody could view it without smiling too. He is now rid of the tattoo, and only time will tell if he can completely get her out of his subconscious mind.

Thanks to these incredible artists like Tommy, Big Gus and Jasmine, these people are no longer ashamed of their "Tattoo Nightmares."

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