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'Tattoo Nightmares' rescues a 'Racist to a Pervert' on Spike

Tattoo Rescue hosts Big Gus, Jasmine and Tommy
Tattoo Rescue hosts Big Gus, Jasmine and Tommy
Spike TV

On last night's season premiere, Jasmine, Big Gus and Tommy know how popular tattoos can be, but they also know that the influx of shops around the country has left many people walking around with horrible tattoos. These tattoo doctors are the stars of "Tattoo Nightmares." Together they are helping those with the worst tattoos by doing cover-up tattoos that will redeem the wearer and bring some happiness to their lives.

A guy named Jerry came in to see Big Gus with a tattoo that was already covered up, and in need of serious help. Right now, the tattoo reads “69," and he is not a pervert, and actually, an avid churchgoer. Before it was the number tattoo, he thought it was a ninja star, but it was actually a swastika he got when he was a naïve teen. When his mother saw the tattoo, she nearly killed him and tried to use a scouring pad to remove it. So he would like it converted to praying hands and stained glass in the background. Gus told him that it was right in his wheelhouse, and went to work designing the perfect cover up. When Jerry saw the praying hands, he was nearly in tears with joy at this religious experience.

A woman named Nicole came in to see Jasmine. Nicole had a very dark cross on her alabaster skin and a tiny wrist. She had been to other tattoo shops, and nobody wanted to help her. She wants a gypsy with a pretty face, and Jasmine has her work cut out. She had a thing for this hot guy, who did tattoos, but little did she know that he was a crack head and was high when he did her tattoo. Jasmine did a fantastic job; the face was beautiful, and her sadness turned to joy in a very short time.

A man named Mike came to see Tommy; he needed a cover-up of a tramp-stamp girlie tattoo on his lower back. He is a biker and wants to stop being called tramp stamp by his friends. Tommy knows he wants a motorcycle inspired tattoo, and would like a trike. Tommy came up with a drawing of a skeleton riding a trike, and Mike loved it. But first Big Gus wanted to see the tattoo for one last poke of fun at Mike. When Tommy showed Mike the drawing, he loved it, but the finished product was awesome.

Now thanks to these three awesome artists, there are three happier people are no longer victims of their "Tattoo Nightmare."

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