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'Tattoo Nightmares' rescues a ‘Baywatch Bimbo’ tattoo on Spike

Nicole Eggert had a covered up tattoo covered up for the last time on Tattoo Nightmares
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

On last night's episode of "Tattoo Nightmares," Jasmine, Big Gus and Tommy, the tattoo doctors had their work cut out for them in this episode titled, “Baywatch Bimbo.” With so many people wanting tattoos, and shops popping up all around the country, many people are walking around with some awful tattoos; some have nearly ruined peoples’ lives, but the re-enacted stories behind them are often more bizarre than the tattoos.

As the episode begins, Jasmine, Gus and Tommy are lamenting that it is Monday, but when Nicole Eggert, who played Summer Quinn on Baywatch, came in with a butterfly tattoo that was already covered up, Jasmine had a challenge to cover up a cover up. So they went back to Jasmine’s station, and although she thought she was done with butterflies, she wanted three, one for her and one each for her two daughters. As Jasmine was preparing the sketch, Big Gus came in and found out who Jasmine’s client was. He loved her on Baywatch and would surely meet her before she left.

A guy named Lester came in to see Big Gus, because he promised his wife 15 years ago that he would change or remove it. Gus is no Dr. Phil, but he will try to save this man’s promise. When he showed him the top of his thigh, Gus could not even make out what it was, but it was a bird of paradise, an actual bird – not the flower he wanted. So now he wants maple leaves. He told Gus that when he hit 30, he thought his life was over. He was a ladies’ man back then, and when he took off his pants, he wanted to show women that he had something special for them – a flower. But instead, he received lots of laughter when the ladies saw this dopey bird. Once he met his wife, his playing days were over, but the bird remained.

Tommy’s client named Steve, has a crescent moon with a dude in a nightgown hanging from it. Strange, but he thought it would get him more girls 20 years ago. Nobody knows why he got this tattoo in the first place; not his wife or his seven-year-old son, who has cystic fibrosis. Now he wants something he can be proud of. He wants a set of lungs with a chain wrapped around those lungs, which represent what his son goes through each day he fights to breathe. What an awesome tattoo and a loving tribute to his son, who he is sure to be thrilled by this and how much his father wants him to be well.

Nicole did not like the original design, so Jasmine changed it to suit her. Once she was satisfied, they went ahead. She told Jasmine how fans called her “Baywatch Bimbo,” which made her leave the show. As she spoke to a friend of hers, who happened to be a tattoo artist, and told him she wanted to change her style. Unfortunately, he gave her a horrible tattoo. So she went to another shop a while after it healed, and wanted a butterfly, but it was dark and ugly. Now the beautiful feminine tattoo is just gorgeous; she will most certainly wear this one with pride.

Lester’s leaves were beautiful, and when his wife came in, he couldn’t wait to show her, she just loved his new tattoo. The two falling leaves represented the two of them, and how they fell in love.

Because of such great artists like Tommy, Big Gus and Jasmine, these people are no longer victims of their "Tattoo Nightmares."

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