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'Tattoo Nightmares Miami' premiere ‘Welcome to Miami’ on Spike

Three miracle workers from Tattoo Nightmares MIami, Clint, Reese & High Noon
Three miracle workers from Tattoo Nightmares MIami, Clint, Reese & High Noon
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On tonight’s premiere episode of "Tattoo Nightmares Miami," fans should remember Clint Cummings from the second season of “Ink Master,” as if anyone could forget that Mohawk. Rounding out the crew are Reese Hillburn, a contemporary artist from Southern California and High Noon, legally known as Samuel Suarez; the artist currently kicking ass on the Florida convention scene. These three tattoo artists are ready to take on the most outrageous tattoos and cover-ups on the East Coast.

The first guy, named Jason who comes into the shop, has a tattoo that is destroying his life. He needs Clint’s help to cover this forearm tattoo with something less expressive. The tattoo reads, Get F**ked. It is all black lettering, and Clint tells him that lettering is the hardest to cover. But with 20 years experience, Clint is ready to put his fears aside. His fears of portraits came from his appearance on “Ink Master,” when he was eliminated for a poor portrait.

A man named Chy Tea comes in to see Reese to get an elbow tattoo, after no other shop would do it. She reminds him that it is one of the most painful areas to get a tattoo, but he does not care.

A woman named Lourdes has come in to see High Noon. She is getting married in two weeks and wants to cover her Puerto Rican flag with NY on it, but the NY looked like a swastika. This flag offends her family and she would like to cover it with the Statue of Liberty draped with the Puerto Rican flag. She is a New Yorican, and wants to make her father proud.

Jason explained to Clint why he got the tattoo in the first place. When he turned 21, he enlisted, got married, and was soon deployed to Iraq. While there, he received a message from his friend, that another friend had been staying at his house with his wife, and spending lots of time together. Shortly thereafter, he found out she was in a serious car wreck and flew home. When she awakened, she called him by another man’s name. That was the end. When he heard a song by Eminem, it inspired his tattoo.

Reese warned this guy that the tattoo was going to be extremely painful, but he never expected it to be that painful. He screamed and cursed and called her names, so she had to take a break and compose herself. She discussed it with her colleagues who told her to suck it up and go back. He apologized and she continued. When it was completed, he was very happy at the awesome job she did. He was humble and grateful and sorry he was such a bad canvas.

Lourdes explained what happened when her father saw the tattoo, and how disgraced he was that she would get such a symbol on her Puerto Rican flag. She tried her wedding dress on, and was thrilled that it looked so beautiful.

As Clint completed the tattoo, the camouflage around the female soldier was perfect. The words were gone, and the soldier had a tear in her eye. He was amazed at the job Clint did, and Clint was proud of himself too.

Thanks to incredible artists like, Clint, Reese and High Noon, these people are very proud of their "Tattoo Nightmares Miami."

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