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'Tattoo Nightmares' cures ‘Penis Neck’ on Spike

Tommy Helm of Tattoo Nightmares
Tommy Helm of Tattoo Nightmares
"Photo courtesy of Spike, used with permission”

On last night's episode of "Tattoo Nightmares," Jasmine, Big Gus and Tommy, the tattoo doctors had their work cut out for them in this episode titled, “You’ve Got Male.” With the huge popularity of tattoos, the influx of shops around the country has left many people with some pretty bad tattoos; some have nearly ruined peoples’ lives, but the re-enacted stories behind them are often more bizarre than the tattoos.

As the episode begins, Jasmine and Gus are kidding with Tommy about how much he looks like the actor Ed Harris and wondering if he is ever mistaken for Tommy.

Tommy’s first client is Kayla, who has an arm tattoo that is supposed to look like her father; only problem is; it looks just like Saddam Hussein. She has been harassed by strangers, who tell her to go back to her country, and her family is now disgraced by this tattoo. She has a photo of her father, and it surely does not look like him. Tommy has never done a cover up over a portrait by doing another portrait, but he will give it a try. Because he cannot do a stencil over the existing tattoo, he will have to mostly do it by freehand. Gus believes it will take a miracle to accomplish this task. Kayla told him about the guy who did her tattoo, he had dog bones tattooed on his nose and barked at her while he did the tattoo. She was so disappointed at the tattoo, but the worst was the disgrace it brought to her family. Now it is a tattoo to be proud of, and her family tribute will be of the right person.

Gus’ client was the miniature version of Ozzy Osbourne and totally freaked him out; his name was Little Ozzy, and he is a musician. He has a girly tattoo of a rose on his arm and wants it to be a bat with his own face. Gus did a magnificent job and gave him one badass tattoo that looked just like him and his favorite idol.

The next client is Jasmine’s; it is a guy named Grant with a large sword tattoo up his spine ending with a penis on the back of his neck. Because it sticks out of the back of his shirt, the only thing seen is the penis. She is going to fix the sword and reconstruct the handle, so it is something he can be proud of, instead of being made fun of. The woman who gave him the tattoo dug so hard in his back; he finally left the place, but did not even know what she did to him until he met up with his friends who promptly nicknamed him penis neck. When Jasmine converted the tattoo into a real sword, he was very happy now to just be sporting the one penis he was born with.

Now thanks to these three phenomenal artists, there are three people who can be proud of their creations and are no longer victims of their "Tattoo Nightmares."

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