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Tattoo fantasy football league: The last place you would want to lose

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If you think your fantasy football league is tough, think again. On January 5, Vanyaland reported on a group of possibly crazy guys who play really high stakes fantasy football. The winner of the fantasy football tattoo league gets to choose a humiliating tattoo that will be tattooed on the person who comes in last place.

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The group has rules, as outlined in a contract signed by all members of the league. Everyone who plays knows that they might be the next big loser sitting in the tattoo chair. Even though the thought is horrifying, no one has backed out.

The basics of the tattoo rules are that the tattoo cannot be larger than four inches by four inches. The winner determines where the tattoo will be placed but so far they all seem to be upper thigh tattoos. All the fantasy loser tattoos are marked as such with the phrase, "fantasy loser."

It seems each year that tattoos get worse and because of that, the stakes get higher. It all started with the tattoo of a unicorn punting a football. Then came a "tebowing" Care Bear. It got even worse last year when the loser was tattooed with the face of Justin Bieber and the tagline "Yolo Swag."

This year has got to be the worst year ever for the fantasy football tattoo league. The last place member had to get a tattoo of Matthew Berry riding a wrecking ball that held the image of Jay Leno.

In a league with such a dreadful punishment for last place, it sure makes losing a few bucks in a pay league seem not so bad.