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Tattoo artist Ohio State University female grad

Tattoo artist, Brooke Swinford, ready to artfully apply ink
Tattoo artist, Brooke Swinford, ready to artfully apply ink
Patricia Campbell/onlocophoto

Tattoo artist Brooke Swinford is an Ohio State University 2006 graduate.  Receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting and drawing Brooke has taken her talent to the skin.  What led her to this choice was elementary as she states: "As an artist,  I realized quickly that it is hard to make a living selling my paintings and drawings with a starving artist degree. I needed to be current and get real and make a living."  After saying yes to her friends requests for tats, her income and her outlook  took a step forward. 

The favorite client is one who isn't screaming in the chair and loves original artwork.  Brooke finds that she takes the idea of the customer and then reworks it into original sketch variations.  This allows for a collaboration in the final piece.  She tries to stay realistic in the drawings and enjoys full color application.  The favored tool is custom made by Jeremiah Hanzey who owns Stained Skin in Newark, Ohio.  She also finds it easy to work with coil machines made by Raw Irons.

The first thing you notice,  in her tattoo studio,  is how clean it is.  She is notorious for washing her hands and keeping the tools of her trade sanitary.  There is nothing out of place and the visual pleasures of her artwork give way to a feast for your eyes.  You can see why she is a success and why you made the right decision to allow her to penetrate artwork into your skin.  Being a woman she has a soft touch and makes the female client more at ease with the "private" area applications. Being all of 31 years old  she laughs when she describes how an 18 year old male client qualified her as HOT for an older tattoo chick. She corrected him and just asked him to think of her as the best tattoo artist for his $35 an hour fee for ink.  That price is a general fee and she will give you an estimate on whole piece work.

While watching her work,  there is an intensity in her eyes and  sureness of her hands.  She remains quiet especially if she is working in an area that is difficult such as the neck.  Get her working on a back piece or thigh area and the music and conversation will be lively.  She wants you to know there are only two choices of music in her work space: Rap and Heavy Metal. To contact Brooke for a custom tattoo use her email address: .  No  smoking, no small kids or dogs are allowed in her shop.  However, she will allow you to bring your friends, any of your drawings and all questions.   

Want to know more about Brooke Swinford the Tattoo Artist?  You can browse her art ability by visiting her MySpace page.  There you will see images of her original artwork and get a better understanding of just how good her tat-work will look on you.  All tattoos are guaranteed and any touch-ups of her work  are free.