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Tattoo Artist fired for dog tattoo controvery

artist Mistah Metro posted this image of his dog on instagram
artist Mistah Metro posted this image of his dog on instagram

This past week a New York City tattoo artist caused some controversy over the internet. Artist Mistah Metro,who worked for Prospect Heights' Red Legged Devil, posted a picture of his dog on his Instagram page after giving the dog a tattoo.

His dog had been taken to the vet to have her spleen removed, and while the animal was sedated he was allowed to tattoo the animal. While what he did was not a crime--and the dog was heavily sedated--the picture caused a wave of controversy on the internet from animal rights groups including the ASPCA.

When Red Legged Devil owner Chris Torres was questioned by reporters, he defended his employee, stating that while it was poor judgement what he did no crime was committed. He did make it clear that he nor his shop were connected with the incident. In the middle of the controversy Torres stated that Mistah Metro no longer works at his shop and has made no contact with him as of March 6.

Attempts to reach Mistah Metro by reporters have failed. More than likely he is in hiding, hoping the situation eventually blows over.