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TaTa Cuban Cafe a must-visit Indianapolis treasure

TaTa Cuban Cafe Indianapolis
TaTa Cuban Cafe Indianapolis
Maggie Korbisch

Cuban cuisine is a combination of Caribbean, African and Spanish influences and together make a delicious fusion. TaTa Cuban Cafe is located across the street from the state capital downtown Indianapolis. The cafe is quaint and cozy with a small area available to sit outside.

Because they are renowned for their signature sandwich called Cubano El Quaso, I decided I'd better give it a try. It was made up of slowly roasted pork, ham, Swiss cheese, pickles and mustard, hot pressed on Cuban bread. The combination of the smoky meat, tangy pickles and mustard on the fabulous bread made this one of my all-time favorite restaurant sandwiches.

Cuban bread's texture is comparable to Italian bread and the process of making it into a sandwich is similar to making a panini. The difference is lard is added when pressing the Cuban sandwich. This not only gives it the distinct delicous texture and flavor, but unfortunately adds to the fat content. (And NOT the good-for-you kind!)

They offer more than just sandwiches like the Pernil Guantanamero: pork leg seasoned with tropical spices and roasted. Served with congri (mixed rice and beans) and sweet plantains.

Don't expect the service to be efficient or prompt, but they are friendly and the food is worth the wait.

“Life is like a sandwich - the more you add to it, the better it becomes.” - Anonymous


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