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Tat2U is a company which creates body art products and accessories with cosmetic grade ingredients. The Tat2U products are designed for professionals. But, they are easy enough to be used by the novice, as well. And really, why not? The product line includes ink pens, eraser pens, temporary tattoos, alcohol wipes, makeup remover wipes, body art sealers, loose glitter, loose shimmer powder, body art gel adhesives, professional tattoo concealers, dual ended concealer brushes and setting powder.

Up for review are the following nine items;

  • 1 Package of Loose Mineral Shimmer Powder (it's available in 16 shades) MSRP: $8.00
  • 1 Package of Urock Body Art Glitter (it's available in 16 shades) MSRP: $8.00
  • 1 Package of Uglue Body Art Adhesive MSRP for the .25 Ounce is $8.00, MSRP for the 2 Ounce is $15.00
  • 2 Tat2U Ink Pens (Turquoise and Purple) MSRP is $12.00
  • 2 Tat2U U Temp Tats (Price Range)

This is one of the most fun product reviews ever! We completely enjoyed the temporary tattoos and the whole deal. Using the ink pens was just like using a regular pen. Everything was easy to use and the results were as expected. None of it lasts ong and washes off easily. We offer one caveat; Don't use any of this near water as it (as one should expect) will destroy your work.

The prices are fair for these items too!

Thank you Tat2U!

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