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Tastykake launches 'Tastykake Loves the Troops' facebook campaign

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Started in 1914, the popular snack cakes known as Tastykake have been satisfying our taste buds for decades and now they want to give something back, and what better group to give back too than our veterans.

The delicious snack cake company has launched a facebook campaign called "Tastykake Loves the Troops." The campaign is a challenge of sorts, because for every "like" that Tastykake receives on their facebook page until July 14th the company will send one package of Tastykakes to troops overseas.

"Since our July 1st launch, we've already acquired more than 42,000 fans and will be sending more than 42,000 packs of Tastykakes to the troops overseas, but we hope to send even more by the end of our campaign," said Brianna Fisher of Vault Communications.

To send the troops some Tastykakes all you need to do is "like" the Tastykake facebook page.

It's good to see American businesses standing with our troops and supporting them. When you see a campaign like this don't you get excited to see how many people you can share it with because it's for the troops. Doesn't matter what it is.

But Tastykakes sure would be a welcome gift to our men and women serving overseas so why not visit Tastykake on facebook tonight and thank you for supporting the troops.




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