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Tasty Tuesday: 'Soylent Green' (1973)

Film poster for Soylent Green
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You are what you eat, and that's exactly true about "Soylent Green," which is this Tuesday's pick. If you don't remember what Tasty Tuesday is about, well every Tuesday I look at movies that deal with food in someway or another. Let's just say if you like eating and watching movies, then keep up with this. Now the this pick is probably an odd choice, but people who have seen it will get a kick out of it.

Richard Fleischer directed this 1973 doomed futuristic movie. Charlton Heston starred in the movie with Chuck Connors, Edward G. Robinson, Brock Peters, and Leigh Taylor-Young. The film deals with overpopulation and Heston's character learns the deep dark about city and how they deal with this problem. By the way to note, "Soylent Green," was Edward G. Robinson's last movie.

"Soylent Green" is no doubt a popular and iconic movie especially when we think of 70s sci-fi movies. In other words it's a popular dystopian future film that was based off of the book "Make Room! Make Room!" by Harry Harrison.

So this may be a weird movie when thinking of food, but it works in that dark odd way. It's a bleak movie that has been spoofed many times!

So tonight if you feel like watching "Soylent Green," for Tasty Tuesday, you can rent it at your local video store or it's currently $1.99 to rent on Amazon.

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