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Tasty Thai at Siam Square


Thai cuisine is a treat for the senses. The rich aroma of jasmine rice, the pungent smell of fish sauce, and the volatile scent of fresh herbs combine to offer the diner a preview of tastes to come. A hallmark of good Thai cooking is the ability to experience multiple flavors in each bite. For example, a bowl of Tom Kha soup should offer sweet, savory and spicy flavors, with a burst of fresh herbs. Various flavors and textures are combined so that even the simplest dish can be a satisfying meal.

At Siam Square in Waikiki this philosophy is reflected in each and every dish. The food here is fresh and alive with flavors that delight the palate and please the pocketbook. Located on the second floor, above a convenience store, the restaurant offers ample seating in a room that overlooks busy Kuhio Avenue below.

The restaurant offers all the Thai favorites. The summer rolls, for example, are light, cool and refreshing, filled with fresh vegetables and shrimp and served with a dipping sauce that makes the flavors pop. The fried fish patties offer a chewy texture with mild savory overtones combined with bursts of kaffir lime. The accompanying sauce contrasts nicely and offers sweet and slightly spicy overtones.

Siam Square features several different types of curry, including popular favorites such as green, red and yellow curry. The Siam Jungle curry is a rich coconut curry made with ground peanuts and sweet peppers and comes with choice of chicken, beef, shrimp or seafood. The Pineapple curry is an enchanting dish with spicy red curry combined with sweet pineapple chunks. The curries are available in mild, medium and hot to suite all tastes.

Another hallmark of authentic Thai cuisine is ability to prepare delicate seafood items, such as shrimp and calamari, so that they remain sweet and moist, never dry or chewy. Siam Square’s steamed calamari with lime is an excellent example. The calamari is flash-steamed in a sauce with lime juice, fresh chilies and cilantro. The result is a tangy dish that literally melts in your mouth.

The above-mentioned dishes just begin to scratch the surface of the offerings available at Siam Square. There are numerous salads, stir fry and noodles dishes, plus fresh fish specialties. Each dish offers the same wonderful three-dimensional flavor quality.

Siam Square is open daily for dinner and Monday – Saturday for lunch. There is no beer or wine, so bring your own, or enjoy a Thai Iced Tea or fresh fruit drink.

For more info: Siam Square Restaurant, 408 Lewers Street, (808) 923-5320



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