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Tasting Table's Hot 100 has finally been released

Tasting Table's Hot 100
Tasting Table's Hot 100
Tasting Table

Summer in NYC is hot, muggy and often overrun with tourists and their oohing and aahing at the "authentic" traffic jams. But, in better news, summer in the city also means awesome outdoor happy hours, rooftop cocktail parties and lots of great food.

Here to help you navigate the good from the bad, the delicious from the downright offensive is Tasting Table's Hot 100 list. This extensive, interactive guide to everything edible has it all, from drinks to recipes, restaurants and even lots of pretty pictures to make the whole thing more enticing.

With suggestions ranging from the top taco spots across the country (#26) including Rockaway Taco here in the Big Apple to a nudge towards letting yourself indulge in some creamy goodness from the newly opened New York City Dairy Queen, this roundup-to-end-all-roundups is sure to speak to everyone in one way or another.

Dying to get away? There are even some destination-inspiring ideas for the weekends you just have to seek respite away from the busy streets of Manhattan, like renowned spot prawns by Blaine Wetzel of The Willows Inn on the San Juan Islands.

Dying to get away, but just can't find the time? Do summer like the Swedes do with a complete guide to a traditional Midsummer celebration, or make yourself some light sweet tea ice cubes flavored with orange blossom water and ginger ale, a la Oast in Charleston, South Carolina.

Of all things, though, just be sure you take their 42nd piece of advice and stop by Jean-Georges for a raw pineapple. It really is all they promise it to be.

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