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Tasting Room now open

Personal Wine Profile
Personal Wine Profile
Tasting Room by Lot 18

Are you a member of a wine club? You know, one of those clubs where they send you wines a few times a year. Maybe you use to be a member of one but the wines just didn't turn out to your liking. I've been there. How do these clubs really know what types of wine you like? They don't.

I mean, who picks the wines you get in one of those clubs anyway? You certainly don't. How could you? You live here in the Charlotte Metro Area and the wines come from all over the place. It's just not feasible for you to go all around the country and pick out the wines you like. Or is it?

It's a wine table topic that I have indulged in many times. Not just with friends but distributors, local wine shops and even the occasional wine delivery guy I have been known to corner in the parking lot. It's especially frustrating if you are a wine novice and would like to have new and better wines delivered to your door on a regular basis.

Well guess what, I may have found a solution. And that solution is Heather. Well, not that she is exactly the solution, but she turned me on to it. It's called, Tasting Room by Lot 18.

Tasting Room is the world's first personalized wine club focused totally on you; your tastes, your preferences. They have this thing called a WinePrint. It's a patent-pending system that is designed to capture the flavors and nuances of your wine likes and dislikes. Once you go through their rating system, they give you your own personal WinePrint that helps to guide you and them toward the wines you will like the most.

When Heather first told me about it, I was rather skeptical about the whole thing. But I decided to try it out. I signed up for their Wine Sampler Kit and they sent me all the info and instructions. I received 6 bottles of wine. Each bottle is a 50ml sample. Then I went on-line and followed the instructions as I sampled the wines. It's kind of neat.

After rating all the samples they generate a unique wine profile, they call it a WinePrint, that gives you a detailed yet easy to understand explanation of the types of wine that match your tastes. As a result, they can use that profile to custom select the wines you will receive. It's the only wine club I know of that puts you in control.

Just in case you're wondering about my personal WinePrint; it said that I liked reds "with a wide range of flavors, offering depth and complexity." "The more nuanced, the better." BAM! Right on target!

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