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Tasting Notes: Dogfish Head World Wide Stout

A great stout, no, an AMAZING stout!

Re-posted from my blog: Malted Musings.

Usually when I post Tasting Notes I make notes on a few beers and give some background on the brewery, or some special addition to the notes themselves. For this beer though, The Dogfish Head World Wide Stout, I decided that this legendary beer has enough character to stand on it's own. So without further ado, here's my impressions of this monster of a beer, tried on tap from Eli Cannon's Tap Room.

This double stout pours out jet black and ultra dense, with a rich smell of dark currants, brown sugar, and raisin. At first sip I get a mouthful of super-rich and complex taste notes, so many it's hard to quantify which note happens first! The taste starts sweet and slightly fruity, with those dried currant overtones. The sweetness builds and builds to a tipping point when suddenly the malting is cut through with a heavy swatch of alcohol. This stinging note mingles and blends with the dry fruit, then gets muddled with a slightly sour sweetness. At the end of this roller-coaster of a tasting I'm left with mega-dense, dry fruity sour malting left lingering with a slight sting of alcohol on my palate. This beer is heavy. No, seriously, it's very heavy. At around 18% this is a monster of a beer that is shockingly well-balanced with a dense, wheaty-alcohol aftertaste. With so many complex tasting notes within the sip, it's no surprise that this beer is revered by beer drinkers everywhere. This is a sipper, to be sure, but one that is well worth the cost of entry! I don't usually say this, but I consider this beer to be required drinking; if you're "into" craft beer in any way do yourself a favor and give World Wide Stout a go!

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