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Taste The Rainbow!

Make eating vegetables more interesting for yourself and your family by adding COLORFUL ideas!
Make eating vegetables more interesting for yourself and your family by adding COLORFUL ideas!

When you think of clean eating and natural cooking, you can't help but to notice the variety of colorful fruits and vegetables that are awaiting to please your palate.  Add exotic spices and seasonings to that along with an earthy unbleached and unprocessed grain and you have a meal that resembles a rainbow!

Red. Some diced apples in a salad are sure to make even the finicky eater smile!  Try some cranberries with baked chicken or some grilled beets.  Pomegranates are delightful for an afternoon antioxidant filled snack. Red cayenne pepper helps to boost your body's metabolism and adds a nice spice to your favorite grilled meats and even more tasty with some baked sweet potatoe fries!

Orange and Yellow. Sweet potatoes make a nice alternative to your usual spud, whether you bake, grill, or swap them for your regular fries, you are getting a good dose of Beta- Carotene, which the other spud lacks.  Squash is a great side when grilled with zucchini and tossed in olive oil and garlic or try making some squash spaghetti if you are on a low-carb diet.

Green, Blue and Purple.  Eggplant is a common ingredient in many pasta dishes, but it can also be served as the main item in meals such as baked eggplant parmesan. Spinach, Kale, Collards are easy dark greens to prepare and are packed with nutrients.  You can sautee them or steam them or boil them with a little bit of water. Broccoli is very easy to get year round and goes great in soups or sauteed with garlic and pepper and served with your favorite lean meat.

Beige and Brown.  The almost forgotten vegetable and one of the most nutritious is cauliflower.  you normally see it in a medley with broccoli and carrots, but did you know that it is very delicious when steamed and mashed like you would to regular potatoes.  Smashed cauliflower can help you feed those cravings for your family's recipe of mashed potatoes and gravy when you are trying to stick to a healthier diet.  Plus, it is packed with nutrients that help your immune system and help maintain healthy cholesterol. Mushrooms, turnips, and parsnips are also some of the more neglected vegetables that pack a lot of nutritional value and health benefits.  Just try some chopped up and seasoned with a little olive oil and roasted or toss some mushrooms on a pizza or make a soup!