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Taste of the Islands - Diverse Comics, Diverse Crowds

The Worlwide Comedy Show at Taste of the Islands offers comedy of a diverse nature.
The Worlwide Comedy Show at Taste of the Islands offers comedy of a diverse nature.
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Comedy can happen in the most unlikely of places - bars, garages, a frat house or someone's birthday party. That's why it's really no surprise that the "Worldwide Comedy Show" at Taste of the Islands has become such a success.

The location is a small Caribbean restaurant tucked in a corner of a strip shopping center in Plano. It's family owned and run, and the food is no less than amazing, featuring a variety of curry dishes and Jamaican jerk specialties. (Try the Jamaican beef patties and fried plantains. Yummy.) Walking in the front door, you wouldn't necessarily expect a comedy show to be happening here.

The show is produced by Kasambwe Mpulamasaka, an African-born comic who now delights audiences all over  Texas and elsewhere with his cultural wit. Kasambwe's ability to book  a diverse line-up of comics is what makes the monthly show a success, which normally has a sold-out audience. Kasambwe himself, being from Africa, helps to attract an incredibly diverse crowd of people from all over. The February show's audience included Caribbean, Jamaican, African and Latino guests, among others. And the comics who perform here have international appeal as well.

The February show featured local comics Tomcat, Laurie Williamson, Kasambwe, and headliner Flo Hernandez, who is currently making it big, and Dallas is proud. Your Stand-up Comedy Examiner had the pleasure of hosting this show, and hopes to be there again. The crowd was standing room only, and everyone walked away with a smile.

The next show happens on March 27th, with headliner D.D. Ingram. This is the most comedy you can get for a minimal $3 cover charge! Reservations are recommended. Tell Bob the bartender that Jenn sent you. He makes a mean rum punch.