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Task force in Colorado will discuss single-serve packaging for marijuana edibles

On Wednesday a state-appointed task force will meet in Aurora, Colorado to discuss whether edibles should be made in single-serving sizes that are easily distinguishable.

A meeting will take place on Wednesday to discuss single serving sizes of marijuana edibles
Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

Right now the state considers 10mg of THC—the active ingredient in marijuana—to be a single serving for edibles. However, it is legal for there to be 100 mg of THC in a one product. So 10 servings can be available in one cookie or in one piece of candy. So far there are no measurements that require products to be to be packaged into single serve sizes or for serving sizes to be readily identifiable.

The task force came into being following two highly publicized deaths. In one, a man ingested a piece of candy containing THC before fatally shooting his wife. In the other death, a 19-year-old consumed a whole cookie, containing 65 mg of THC.

The meeting on Wednesday will be the first step in the formal rulemaking process, according to the Department of Revenue, which dictates the sale and packaging of edibles. No further specifics are available from the Department ahead of the meeting. A spokeswoman said that regulators want to meet with the task force before discussing further.

In creating easily identifiable single-serving size edibles, chocolates could be perforated into single serving sizes or options would be made available for individually wrapped servings.

Ahead of the official regulations, manufacturers are already developing 5-10mg sizes to get ahead of the market for single-dose edibles.

A lawyer who is part of the task force says they he’d rather see tougher regulation of edibles now, than see more bad news in headlines that could end in the crackdown of edibles altogether.

The task force members include those who work in edible manufacturing, healthcare and law enforcement. The meeting is being held at the Children’s Hospital in Aurora.

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