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Tartan Yachts factory tour launches spring

Tartan owners club members tour two factory sites -- Fairport Harbor and Painesville, OH.
Tartan owners club members tour two factory sites -- Fairport Harbor and Painesville, OH.
Photos by Sandy Woodthorpe

Happy spring! Well, okay. Almost spring. Tomorrow brings the annual Daylight Savings time change. Though it doesn't necessarily catapult us forward into spring - we Clevelanders are so anxious at this point, any optimism will do!

Tartan club members look over a new Tartan 4000.
Photo by Sandy Woodthorpe

What with all the snow dumped on Northeast Ohio a day ago, we needed something to kick out the winter blues. Today, Tartan Yachts provided a perfect opportunity - with a facilities tour.

Tartan Yacht owners traveled from several Great Lakes states and Canada to see the Tartan factories in Fairport Harbor and Painesville, OH. Approximately 50 Lake Erie Tartan Sailors club members saw a variety of hull molds, a deck "plug" for a customized 4700 design, masts-in-the-making, stacks of wood ready for Tartan's reknowned craftsmanship, a Tartan 4000 with interior finishing underway, and lots more. There were scores of sensory experiences, including that signature boatbuilding fragrance known to sailors as . . Eau de Epoxy.

A club-sponsored chili cook-off served up delicious eats at the end of the Painesville facility tour. That was followed by spirits at Brennan's. The day also included a stop at Great Lakes Rigging Company, where shop owner, Jon Duer, was on hand for for rigging and sail inventory consultations. Last year, Great Lakes Rigging began providing rigging services to Tartan Yachts. I can't forget to mention the platter of oh-so-seductive Duer brownies - the perfect wind up to a pleasant afternoon with fellow sailing enthusiasts!

Spring is off to a good start. The near-shore waters of Lake Erie are, well, liquid. Really. I saw with my own eyes. The snow will melt. The birds will sing. The buds will burst, and next thing you know, boats (and watersports lovers) will be in the water!

Upcoming events:

  • For links to schedules of yacht and sailing club annual meetings, racing fleet lotteries and races, cruising events, clubhouse and boatyard clean ups - and the rest - scroll down to see the list near the bottom right corner of this web page.
  • Be sure to catch Jim Sasak's annual Spring Open House with rigging testing, exotic eggroll extravaganza and Tiki Party at his Grand River Rigging shop. More on that soon. Oh, and start boxing up your junk (I mean, "stuff") for the sailors' swap meet to be held at Harbor 220 (location of Great Lakes Rigging) on Saturday, April 30th. More to come on that, too.

Here's to another fun and safe 2011 boating season!


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