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Tarsan to host Danny Ching SUP race clinic

Danny Ching at the Lost Mills SUP race in Brombach, Germany.
Danny Ching at the Lost Mills SUP race in Brombach, Germany.

Tarsan Stand Up Paddle Boarding, known throughout the South Bay for their one of a kind membership program and Kid’s SUP Camps, will welcome one of paddling’s finest this Sunday at an exclusive four hour SUP racing clinic. Danny Ching will be returning home to Redondo Beach after recent SUP racing victories in Germany and Lake Tahoe to lead a SUP racing clinic at Tarsan’s dockside location in King Harbor. “Danny only teaches a few clinics a year and we are fortunate to be able to offer this to our customers,” said Tarsan owner Pam Smith.

Known for his approachable demeanor, Ching is a highly respected multi-sport paddle athlete with a long list of on the water accomplishments. The South Bay native has spent countless hours plying the waters off Redondo Beach where his family played an integral role in founding the Lanakila Outrigger Canoe Club many years ago. When not managing the demands of the increasingly overlapping schedules of the outrigger and SUP racing seasons, Ching is leading the growth of his stand up paddleboard company, 404, which recently launched a new line of SUP boards for racing, fitness and surfing.

Proper paddling technique is the key to success not only in racing, but overall fitness and injury prevention. Contrary to first appearances, stand up paddling is very much a full body sport. The stroke begins at your feet where different foot placements provide stability and maneuverability depending on the conditions. One’s legs and hips are engaged to enhance power, while your core and upper back muscles provide the primary drivers to propel your board across the water. Your arms essentially function as connectors between your body and paddle and are not (or should not) be relied upon to pull your board after planting your paddle in the water.

For additional details about this weekend’s clinic, visit Tarsan’s website to register and reserve your place at this one of a kind event.