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Tarrant Libertarians join NORML in Global Marijuana March

Once again North Texas Libertarians have teamed up with DFW NORML in the hopes of pushing the Lone Star State farther in the direction of marijuana legalization.

Texas LP candidates Rocky Palmquist and Jamie Balagia, nominated at the LP State Convention, will speak for marijuana legalization on May 3 in Ft. Worth.
Courtesy Shaun McAlister/ - used with permission

The annual Global Marijuana March has taken place on the first Saturday in May since 1999, last year in 800+ cities in 72 countries, and this year Ft. Worth will be in the thick of it. The official time and place, according to the Dallas/Ft. Worth chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, is Saturday, May 3 in the heart of the city.

The local march, according to NORML, "proudly returns to Mambo's Tapas Cantina at Federal Plaza in Fort Worth, Texas." The free event runs from 12 noon to 8:00 PM and features music, speakers, vendors, food, prizes and the march itself through downtown Cowtown streets beginning at – when else? – 4:20 PM.

The Tarrant County Libertarian Party will plant its outreach booth near Panther Fountain in Hyde Park in the Throckmorton/Houston/9th Street area. Two LP candidates, Rocky Palmquist running for Texas Secretary of Agriculture and State Attorney General nominee Jamie Balagia will be featured speakers.

Attorney Balagia is the current public information officer for San Antonio NORML and a former undercover cop for the Austin Police Department who worked narcotics and drug trafficking investigations where he gained knowledge of the "inside workings of the police mindset."

Palmquist is an 11th generation farmer who told the Texas Cannabis Report, "Isn’t it high time that we Texans get off our collective butts and get with the program and legalize marijuana and hemp?"

Libertarian Party members are no strangers to supporting victimless crime causes. According to the county party's Meetup page "The Tarrant County LP is trying to build a coalition of anti-prohibitionists, 2nd amendment enthusiasts, gay and lesbian rights advocates, and anti-Federal Reserve 'sound money' fans. Helping out the folks at NORML is a big step in that strategy."

Last year's march drew some 500 freedom-lovers protesting the government's "costly, ineffective and unjust war against cannabis, hemp and it’s consumers" and this year organizers are hoping for a turnout exceeding 800 souls.

This event is not a "protest" but a peaceful rally. It enjoys the sponsorship of local businesses, the media and the community as well as support from local government and law enforcement.

More details are available at the DFW NORML website and the Tarrant County Libertarian Meetup page.

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