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Tarrant County 9/11 Memorial

It looks like I have only found one memorial for the 9/11 victims this year in Fort Worth. It is a bike ride for those who love to ride. The bike ride is organized by the Cowtown Motorcycle Meetup of Fort Worth. It will start at the Albertson's Market, 8510 Hwy 377 S., Fort Worth, TX, Tuesday, 9/11 at 9:30 a.m.

The Dallas Stair Climb will take place at the Renaissance Tower on Saturday September 8. Representing the number of fallen firefighters, 343 firefighters will climb 110 floors of the skyscraper. Fulfilling a promise to "NEVER FORGET" their brothers and sisters who have died in the line of duty, firefighters from Texas and all over will carry 40-60 lbs. of protective gear and climb. The first climb was in 2003 in Afghanistan, 2004 Albuquerque, 2005 Colorado, 2011 Nashville and Indianapolis, 2011 Dallas, Austin, and El Paso. The public is invited to come and show support for the firefighters. There will be food trucks and vendors outside of the Renaissance Tower. Follow the Facebook page here.

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