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Tarot with Sistermoone

Tarot with Sistermoone
Sherryl Craig 2014

As we move along this spiritual journey of life we look toward inspiration to guide us to a closer relationship with the Divine within us.

We all have a natural born intuitive gift. We sense the energy around us, we feel the vibrations and connectivity to the world around us.

Tarot has long been used as a form of divination to connect us on an intuitive level to the deeper mysteries in our life.

Sistermoone uses various decks of Tarot cards to create inspired messages and affirmations that assist us in working through the complex daily decisions and tasks, concerns, and questions about things we experience, and as a tool to help us focus our thoughts on particular events, experiences, or feelings that stay with us for more than just a few hours or a few days. The Tarot is a tool that if used daily helps us slow down our thoughts, bring attention to particular instances of intuition that is stronger than the normal fleeting thoughts, or feelings we experience on a daily basis.

The Goddess Oracle deck utilizes the beautiful wisdom of the many feminine deities of various cultures and countries to express messages from the essence of the Great Mother.

Kishijoten, Japanese Goddess of Protection of children expresses to us the message that those we love and care for most have divine protection and are watched over at all times. We cannot watch every move our children make no matter how old they are. It is through the message from Kishijoten that we must place our faith in the Great Protector and know our loved ones are safe and on their own path in this life. We each have our own destiny, our own journey to take while living in human form. Believe in the power of the God/Goddess that our children are strong, wise, and protected and they are fulfilling their life’s journey.

Heqet presented in our reading asks us to open our eyes and look around us at the fertility of inspiration and wisdom, energy and it's unlimited forms of manifesting abundance. Open your eyes and see the fruitful and lush growth of abundance for all. Heqet is the Egyptian Goddess of Fertility and represents to us the bounty of abundance in all things. She reminds us that we are full and rewarded if we open our eyes and hearts to the possibility of planting the seeds for a more prosperous future.

Our third tarot card for today representing future prospects is the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet. Sehkmet represents strength, she is known as the Mighty One and has a special connection to the underworld. She is connected to the sun and when she presents in our reading she is encouraging us to let our darker emotions come through in a positive way to bring us strength. Her Egyptian heritage links her to the magical and mysterious connection of the art of mummification. This rite of mummification represents eternal life. Sekhmet was also associated to the ankh which is a powerful symbol of everlasting life. We could interpret this as saying that even when the physical body dies our spirit lives on and that through our work and teaching's we can leave a part of ourselves here on earth preserving our life not only physically but in spirit as well.

Hold true to your faith and know that we are protected through Divine intervention. Stop, look, and admire the abundance of prosperity in it's many forms, and call upon the courage and strength that lies deep within to support you through life’s challenges.

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