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Just a sliver of the Moon
Just a sliver of the Moon
NASA/International Space Station 2003

The month of April begins with an amazing NewMoon presented to us on March 30th, one that brings special blessings and opportunities for new beginnings in all areas of our lives. We have only to embrace it.

When the New Moon presents itself it reminds us we create our future and our destiny and we have a chance each month to start fresh. We are able to let go of the past and old things while beginning anew again and bringing forward refreshing and exciting newness to our lives.

April is also the latter part of the astrological sign Aries and near the 19th will transition into the sign of Taurus. Both very strong astrological signs with strong personalities and energy. For those Aries signs who may be looking to bring love into your lives Sagittarius and Leo would fit the bill nicely. Aquarius and Gemini would be a close second. Your independence and assertive nature will benefit you greatly during this phase but remember not to let yourself be too aggressive or impatient. Remember, “One day at a time”..... You'll be amazed at the blessings coming through your door.

March and April are the months of rebirth with various religions and spiritual belief systems celebrating Sabbaths and holidays. Easter, celebrated on the third Sunday of April, represents the Christ rising on the third day after his crucifixion, a representation of rebirth. Ostara represents the rebirth of our Mother Earth and the spring equinox which began on March 21st. It is a time of planting new seeds, growing herb gardens, celebrating and enjoying the beauty of nature, and preparing the soil for rebirth and renewal during Spring.

Known to some as the Black Moon it is thought that there will be a great shift of consciousness at this time and that meditation/prayer and focus on bringing positive energy into our surroundings is needed in order to help the shift in bringing about enlightenment and a greater spiritual awareness to those who are just now transitioning.

We all know there is a great shift occurring but during the New Moon and the Full Moon phases the energy and power both used and received is greater and more useful in accomplishing magical workings.

Black Moon is the second new moon in a month and is significant to bringing great change. Take one day at a time and embrace your new blessings with an open heart and look for new doors to open while old ones will close.

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