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Tarot with Sistermoone March 2, 2014; Mother Earth Is Warning Us

Wisdom of the Hidden Realm Tarot
Wisdom of the Hidden Realm Tarot
Sherryl Craig 2014

Todays spiritual journey is seen through the “Wisdom of the Hidden Realm Oracle Cards” by Colette Baron-Reid.

From the ancient cultures of our ancestors we hear of the legends & myths told of magical being, angels, fairy’s, and creatures of great strength and cunning. We hear stories of the God's and Goddesses and how they were messages sent forth to give us warnings, guidance, and protection. They were our most trusted advisers protectors, and friends.

These magical beings were devoted to helping earthlings in manifesting our deepest desires and dreams. They helped to guide us in making solid decisions and creating positive energy in our lives. As time moved on and humans evolved they began to push their trusted advisers aside. Believing they did not need divine guidance in their daily lives. Even so the Divine did not wander far. The Great Spirit and the Messengers sent by the God's stay close to us here on earth and promised to help us if we called upon them with respect and reverence and used their guidance & power for the greater good.

Today we again use the three card spread this time revealing the present situation, what action we need to use to move forward and what the potential direction might be for the future outcome.

In the position of our present situation we find “Gaia's Garden” representing fruition, abundance, and the reaping of what we sow. In this reading the card is inverted/upside down and indicates a challenge to us pointing out that we are not giving back in thanks for what our planet has given to us. We have become lazy expecting our fruits/rewards to grow and water to plentiful without effort on our part. She is reminding us that rewards come with effort and that if we procrastinate too long blessings can pass us by. If we plant a garden and do not work the garden the harvest will not be plentiful or rewarding. There will be no harvest. We must take action now and face the issues at hand in our home, our relationships, our careers, our country and be part of the harvest for good.

Representing what actions we should follow is “The Dragons Duel” expressing inner conflict, morality, and our conscious choices.

The Dragons Duel is both ally and challenger for it represents the apprehension of opposites. We live united but we also experience the duality of love, fear, right & wrong. There is black & white and 2 sides to all things. It tells us to pay attention to the fact that there are two paths and always a choice to solving conflict. We must focus on the choice for the greater good with the best of intentions.

Regarding the third card in our spread we look at the direction we need to take. In our third position of the spread we find “The Chess Queen” representing trust and strategy. She gives us the task of seeking Spirit for a vision of the future and to ask and trust that Spirit will give the answer to the right path. She reminds us that there are two plans to our life, our own and the plan of the Divine. The Chess Queen reminds us that if we allow the Divine to guide our actions we will be on the right path. We should listen to the messages presented. Messages that come to us in our daily lives. Those messages come by phone, by a song, by the wind blowing across our face at a particular moment when we are faced with a great decision. The messages of the Divine come when there is war, hate, anger, and danger. The voice will not be literal as we hear our own voice but it will be heard and it should be heeded.

The Divine speaks to us in our dreams and in our waking life when we least expect it. Our world is suffering and we are in moments of great crisis with our neighbors across the oceans. Think about what our actions must be a nation, as a family, as a culture. The great Protector is speaking to us. We truly must listen.

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