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Tarot with Sistermoone March 1, 2014

Tarot with Sistermoone
Tarot with Sistermoone
Sherryl Craig 2014

Today our reading is with the Madam Endora Fortune Deck designed and created by Christine Filipak and Joseph Vargo. The amazing color and depth found in this deck draws you in and the energy you feel when meditating upon these cards is revitalizing.

We have used the layout of the basic three card spread. This is a simple spread that most beginners would use while becoming comfortable with the cards.

The card to the left represents the past or the history or query asked. The card in the center represents the present or current situation related to the query and the card placed to the right represents the possible future events or challenges presented with relation to the question.

When using the cards as a divinity tool remember that the cards do not give yes or no answers. They require deep concentration and mediation to interpret the meanings and the intuitive feelings you receive.

Many have triumphed over adversity. The Knight presents us with the message that we are strong and represents noble intentions. Encouraging you to move forward with courage and honor and believe in the inner strength you possess. The Knight reminds us that we all fight our own battles and that fighting for what we believe in is truly a noble cause.

In the position of the present the Unicorn shares with us with the message of good fortune and friendship. The Unicorn is best know as a Greek mythical creature. It represents the magic still present today that inspires us to seek greater things. The Unicorn represents to us beauty, healing, and it's passion of freedom. We could interpret this card with a message to pay attention to our health, to be kind to our mind, body, and spirit and delight in the beauty within, and to be thankful for the freedom we still hold.

In the last position we are presented with The Greenman. When the Greenman presents himself he is reminding us that the future has bright and that the forces of nature can shift quickly but that in this query they favor us. The Greenman asks us to remember to protect Mother Nature and grasp our connection to the earth as it is part of us and we are part of the earth. Spring is a time of new birth, new beginnings, and a time when the nature is in bloom. It is a time for new beginnings in your life and you are in control of how you proceed.

March is known as the month of Awareness. It is a time to open your hearts, your soul, and your mind to the infinite possibilities that await you. It is a time to build your relationship with God. A time to rejuvenate that spark within so that the blooms that have hibernated throughout winter can now spring forth and blossom in you.

March is a time to take care with decisions. Seek spiritual counsel to help you direct your energies toward growth and development in the awareness of what your personal life journey is telling you.

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