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Tarot Review: Chrysalis Tarot by Holly Sierra & Toney Brooks

The new Chrysalis Tarot Deck! Even the box is a masterpiece!
Holly Sierra @

At you can learn how to read tarot and get in-depth tarot card meanings.


If you're an artist whose muses channel mystical and magical art through the paint brush and onto the canvas, chances are one of your bucket list items is creating a tarot deck that a major publishing house picks up for distribution.

If you're a wordsmith whose musings run to the metaphysical, chances are you dream of the same.

For visionary artist Holly Sierra and word wizard Toney Brooks, May 2014 marks the month each can check "Tarot Card Deck Published" off their spiritual to-do list.

The long (over 2 years) and anxiously awaited Chrysalis Tarot fluttered onto eComms and into New Age stores the world over.

So what is it about this particular tarot deck that's caused even the most 'been there, read that' tarot flipper to sigh and mew "Awwww."?

Yes, mew.

Now, let's be honest here. The Chrysalis Tarot is obviously a deck cocooned in butterfly imagery and symbolic meanings. And the New Age industry needs another butterfly product like it needs more dove, rose or heart products.

Plus, The Chrysalis Tarot is based-ish on the classic Rider-Waite deck.



Every now and again a product comes along that brings such a fresh take on somewhat stale concepts, it becomes clear early on that product is destined for lots of awards, sales and satisfied consumers.

The Chrysalis Tarot is absolutely one such product.

The artwork by Holly Sierra is not like anything else on the market. Her paintings are a mixture of folk, tribal, Celtic, Medieval and New Age.

Sounds like if genres were Pick Up Sticks someone just tossed 'em all on the floor and yelled, "Go!".

Yet everything about this tarot deck works in perfect harmony. It's like world peace in a box.

When one sees the elephant on the Six of Scrolls and reads that the card's significance is likened to an attribute of Ganesha's, it somehow makes perfect sense that the next card in a reading might be The Pilgrim - a card whose depiction is that of a humble world traveler and her llama.

Yes, llama.

Each of the 78 cards in this deck is mesmerizing. The colors, the creativity in the meaningful imagery and the attention paid to detail is simply a cut above.

Now comes the tricky part.

It's time to talk about the Chrysalis Tarot meanings penned by Toney Brooks.

How does one writer dissect another's writing? Especially when they're a lil' star struck by both the deck's creators?

OK, here we go...

Perhaps best about the way these tarot meanings are crafted is they deliver deep symbolism that's served up in an understandable and entertaining manner.

Many's the tarot student who has dropped out of a class because the verbiage in the how-to books was just way too boogedy-boogedy and seemed like a droll history lesson.

But Mr. Brooks' tarot card descriptions are not heavy and daunting.

Each card denotes its Rider-Waite twin soul and somehow he has discovered a way to pack a ton of sage wisdom into words that energize as they're read.

The Chrysalis Tarot is a deck all appreciators of tarot art and tarot meanings should own. For tarot readers who resonate with its imagery, this deck is sure to bring a whole new level of channeling to your readings.

Kudos to Holly Sierra and Toney Brooks!

Congratulations to the publisher and distributor, U.S. Games Systems, Inc. for a shrewd acquisition made! Additionally, many thanks to U.S. Games for its fine editorial and production work on The Chrysalis Tarot. You make the countless hours of blood, sweat and tears which go into the 3 D's (design, development and distribution) look easy and the final product here is one for the record books!

May the abundance fly and the messages take wing!

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