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Tarot card meanings for predicting your trip

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Before I take off for somewhere, I often do a three card cut to get a "trip omen." Over the years I've noticed that certain tarot cards show up when, for instance, I'm going to miss the plane or the connecting flight. Tarot cards are quick to point out some bummer up ahead.

However, a common phenomenon with the tarot is that it reacts to immediate circumstances that obliterate the more relevant long-term results of what you are asking about. Anything that causes a strong emotional reaction can loom large in a tarot reading.

"How is my vacation going to go? " can look pretty disappointing if in the first 24 hours, the jolly vacationer missed their connecting flight, then missed some event they were due at, etc. It helps to look at which cards fall on which placement on the divinatory map (the layout), to know what trip difficulties the cards are pointing out. Accurate tarot card reading is a combination of intuition, and understanding the properties of the four elements and natural phenomena each card relates to, in combination with where the card falls on the map.

It's especially unnerving to look at an unsettling tarot card layout about transportation. Recently, I had a clarifying personal experience about the sometimes trigger-happy reaction of tarot cards to an upcoming event. I saw this in action when I picked my brother up at the airport the other day. Cutting the cards on his flight, it looked like he wasn't going to get here! The 3 of Swords was in Earth, a final comment that can mean: "...the plan you expect to be carried out, is not." (More detailed discussion on post about "scary tarot cards" here. )

But my brother arrived just fine, and on time. What was the tarot picking up on?

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