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Targeting your metabolism for weight loss in Indiana

There is a growing trend in weight loss. It is a trend in the type of approach people are taking to regain their health. A major part of this trend is to partner the expertise of a health professional with a little science removing some of the barriers to weight loss. A local home grown Indiana business has been helping people reach their goals with that blend of science and common sense since 2006.

Hoosiers are targeting their metabolism for weight loss.
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A familiar story, Target Metabolism was born out of a frustration with the weight loss industry. The founder, Beth Thompson, has a passion for health and wanted to find a way to help people achieve results that weren’t temporary but targeted your body fat for more permanent weight loss. She is passionate about bringing technology not previously available to the public to the average consumer so they could really hone their efforts on losing body fat and not muscle through highly restrictive diets or harmful pharmaceuticals. She combines the accuracy of a bod pod and a machine to measure your metabolic rate or the rate at which your body burns calories to determine the amount of calories for your body to lose weight. It’s very customized.

The advantage of this approach allows the consumer to begin with a true accurate picture of their current weight status; their metabolic rate body mass index. Armed and empowered with that knowledge they can proceed on a weight loss journey that is unlike others. Target metabolism’s custom plan approach has created a lot of happy customers among their ranks. But what is most encouraging is the low rate of people gaining weight back.

This story begins 10 years ago in a human performance lab where a young student interest is peaked. That connection is made and turned into a lifelong passion. The first question being why is this technology not available for the general public to use. At the time it was only available to professional athletes and burn units. One day she decided to but a metabolic testing unit and began testing people out of her house. She began testing firefighters while she was a paramedic and it snowballed from there to two locations Avon and Carmel with the potential for more.
Many Hoosiers have seen success from this amazing program. I myself being the skeptic of all things offered myself up as a guinea pig to see firsthand how the program works. You walk in for your first appointment and are immediately put at ease. No judgment no preconceptions. First you go through your metabolism testing where they can scientifically determine your resting metabolic rate or the rate at which your body burns fat. This information allows the dietitian to create a custom daily calorie range. If your stick within this range, you will lose weight. Then you get to don your blue spandex swimming cap and the bathing suit nemesis and step into the giant egg. Yes I felt like I was in the Mork and Mindy series. I'm sure she's heard that one before! This is the accurate process of measuring your body fat by displacing air in a sealed chamber. This tells you where you start. Each week you are on the program you will have your body fat tested to make sure it is your body fat going down and not muscle mass. Periodically you go back to recheck your resting metabolic rate as your metabolism changes and the target calorie range is adjusted. The constant checking and adjusting decreases the impact of those pesky plateaus that plague the weightloss-ee experiences over the course of their weight loss journey.

Over just a few short weeks I did see some weight loss and decrease in my body fat. Though my biggest issue is always motivation; enter the massage incentive. So the free massage you earn by turning in your food record each week does help. Sometimes trying to fit the massage into my schedule was a bit hard but when I got there it was worth it!

A recent study conducted by Ball State University supports that their approach generates weight loss form fat instead of from water and muscle. Those quick weight loss programs boasting quick and fast results don't provide true weight loss. This is definitely not a fast weight loss type program. Beth stresses that quick weight loss can lead to quick gain so taking the time to do it the right way and lose it at your bodies rate helps to ensure you won’t gain it right back. Plus taking the time to focus in on better eating habits in the long runs helps them to stick.

Coming from a coach’s point of view, I think the addition of a weight loss or wellness coach to any weight loss plan is always helpful to help overcome the emotional and social barriers to weight loss. It’s just good sense. But the folks at Target Metabolism are super knowledgeable and supportive on their own. Weight loss is not easy, if it was, we would all be fitness models! However for us real gals, we struggle and Target Metabolism is a big gun in our weight loss arsenal. There approach of a little science, a little hard work and support and a little pampering works to remove those pesky pounds.


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