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Target under fire for Photoshop fail and contributing to unhealthy body image

Company advertisers and magazines have taken heat for Photoshopping models to make them look thinner. Now, this latest Photoshop fail is courtesy of Target and appears to show some strange new obsession with chopping out the crotches of young models.

Target Photoshop fail
Target Photoshop fail screen shot screen shot

Tuesday, Target had some explaining to do about its "interesting" choices when it comes to size and body image. The company posted a model in a swimsuit with the crotch cut out and part of her arm missing.

The Photoshopping errors look like a result of trying to make the models appear thinner than they are, thus portraying an unrealistic body.

Even more disturbing, these suits are from the companies Junior line, marketed to young girls.

People have come forward expressing their disgust with Target and pointed out that the companies website is full of Photoshopped models and errors.

In response to the comments Target issued a statement saying it was “an unfortunate error on our part”.

“We apologise and are working to address the issue on our site,” Target said in a statement.

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