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Target stores and their shoppers become targets

Now that a gun ban policy has been put in place by Target, the stores and their shoppers have a gigantic bull's eye on their backs
Now that a gun ban policy has been put in place by Target, the stores and their shoppers have a gigantic bull's eye on their backs
Target Corporation

An announcement by the Target Corporation, asking that patrons leave their guns outside, leaves store chain the newest prime target for armed robberies, mass shooters, etc.

One of America’s largest store chains has put a gigantic bull’s eye on its back, after “respectfully” asking that shoppers leave their guns outside, before entering any of Target’s 1,789 stores in the US. Even in states where open carry laws exist and then extending the policy to include those carrying concealed, as if anyone would ever really know someone was carrying that way.

Although they are free to enact any policy they choose for their stores, ironically because of the Constitutional liberties recognized in the US, the decision was allegedly prompted after a stack of signatures in support of the idea and months of pressure was delivered to Target HQ by the rabid anti-gun group, Mom’s Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. An organization that was said to have been inspired into existence after the government drill, many Americans thanks to the media still believe was a random event, carried out by another uber-depressed liberal hopped-up on very dangerous serotonin-reuptake-inhibiters (aka, the Sandy Hook school shooting tragedy).

The news about the change in store policy was then followed the next day with a statement made by Target CEO, John Mulligan, saying the matter boils down to a simple belief that “bringing firearms to Target creates an environment that is at odds with the family-friendly shopping and work experience we strive to create.” Despite the fact that thousands of their products contain chemicals and ingredients that have been proven to harm families, the environment and contribute to a number of exploding epidemics in the US and around the world, such as obesity and disease. Including much of their foods, bathroom products, etc.

While the irony of using the term “family-friendly” and shopping at a store full of items that harm living things in the same sentence certainly exists, the idea of working with a group who has the term “gun sense” in their name and at the same time aims to disarm Americans and restrict their ability to defend themselves in an uncertain world, may be the most ironic of all. Especially considering that none of the changes to America’s gun laws that are being proposed by the group and its misinformed followers would have actually prevented Columbine, Aurora Theater, or Sandy Hook, etc., had their proposals been law prior to the events. Leaving their mission and its justification even more odd and baseless than what can be seen on the surface.

Perhaps nothing can compare to the sheer misrepresentation of the facts and reality, however, than what their mission would accomplish and the damage it would ultimately cause to American citizens and their liberty should it ever succeed on the level they’d like. Because, in a country where cops sell guns to criminals out of the trunks of their patrol cars and so many other examples of how you’ll never truly be able to keep certain individuals from acquiring guns in the Unites States, no amount of reduction to an individual’s ability to defended themselves will ever keep anyone safer… If totally banning guns isn’t the ultimate goal.

While the spokeswoman for Mom’s Demand Action, Shannon Watts, nonetheless sticks to her guns in claiming the group’s objective has nothing to do with taking people’s overall right to own firearms away, the very anti-liberty politician funding Mom’s Demand Action, controversial NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg, has recently admitted that the ultimate goal is to actually confiscate all firearms in the United States. As has some of his cohorts. But only after first getting registration laws passed, so the government knows where they all are. Which just-so-happens to be the most prominent goal discussed by members of the Moms Demand Action organization.

But even if the overall goal was to simply find a way to make it more difficult for people who “shouldn’t” have guns to get them, such as the criminal or mentally ill, not only is it always a slippery slope attempting to decide things like who gets to defend themselves and who doesn’t, statistics almost always show that areas with a known reduction in firearms ownership will also naturally be the areas where more violent crime occurs. Mostly due to the obvious fact that criminals and mass shooters know their odds of successfully pulling off robberies, muggings, rape, or simply killing as many people as they can before being stopped are greatly increased in gun-free zones. Especially considering less than 50% of all violent crime, according to the FBI, is ever solved. Making the ability to defend oneself in the heat of the moment even that much more important.

The FBI isn’t the only organization producing damning statistics that show the corner-stone right to bear arms as being just as important as any other listed in the Constitution or Bill of Rights, however. The very liberal Harvard University also recently found in their own study that more guns does not equal more deaths. Putting yet another damper on the beliefs pushed by Bloomberg’s Moms Demand Action.

But if there was ever a coup de grâce to the agenda these radical anti-gun nuts push, with a trifecta of realizations that become extremely difficult to ignore, it may very well be a Pew Research study from 2013 that does just as much to support what the FBI and Harvard have also discovered as any other set of facts could accomplish. Because while coming right out and admitting that the brainwashed public remains largely “unaware” of the facts, their study shows that while gun ownership in the US has been steadily increasing over the past few decades, the gun homicide rate in the US is actually down almost 50% since its peak in 1993. Again proving that a rise in gun ownership in America in-no-way means there will also be a rise in gun crime and that just the opposite is almost always the case.

And if you really want to see the results of what happens to an almost identical society when you restrict guns on a widespread scale, all you have to do is ask the British how bad their violent crime rates have become, since issuing an almost total gun ban in the country. Which are also results that have been steadily increasing over the decade-plus since the ban and have prompted talks of lifting the ban there altogether, so that citizens can once again protect themselves from newly-empowered criminals. Which also exposes a reality that may ultimately cause the permanent inability for the gun-grabbers in the US to accomplish their goals, without some sort of pervasive action against the statistically illiterate on one side and the liberty-minded and gun owners of America on the other… Just like they did in Great Britain.

Thanks though to organizations with Orwellian double-speak in their names, like Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, with the help of corrupt politicians like Michael Bloomberg, we can all rest assured in the mean-time that if another registered Democrat goes into a Target, Chipotle, or Starbucks to massacre as many people as they can, before all-to-commonly committing suicide, we can all sleep better at night knowing that there may be no one there to attempt taking out the shooter before they run out of bullets. Unless, of course, one of the shoppers there luckily happens to forget to leave their gun in the car. mirror

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