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Target practice isn't just for gun enthusiasts


Target practice isn’t just for gun enthusiasts; martial artists need to do a little practicing as well. As anyBoard at Park's Martial Arts Academy by Kim Myhre person trained in self-defense can tell you, hitting someone who is feeling the effects of drugs or alcohol, or is suffering from some mental-illness, can only aid in making that person angrier and more dangerous. There are three target areas that most martial arts studios teach: primary, secondary, and tertiary.

The primary targets are areas that are going to be injured the easiest and usually the most severely with the least amount of effort. The only problem is that most of these areas are a bit harder to get to because you have to be fairly close to your assailant. Three examples of primary targets would be the groin, the throat and the eyes.

Secondary targets don’t injure as easily, but are better bets than the third category. These targets need properly executed techniques to cause any real pain or damage. Some examples would be the solar plexus, ribs, and knee.

The tertiary targets can be hurt with very powerful strikes, but that’s no guarantee that an attacker will stop. A victim should only attack one of these areas if there is no time or the positioning isn’t right to land a blow onto one of the more easily injured areas. The thighs, back and ribs are perfect examples of places that are harder to injure and, even if you manage, may not get the attacker off of you for long.

It takes practice and training to learn all the points of the body that are better to attack than others. It also takes years to figure out proper distancing to control strikes and land them where they need to go with the power they need behind them. And, most importantly, most of the schools here in town teach that you only fight back when absolutely necessary.

If you want to learn more about self-defense or martial arts, contact one of the many wonderful schools here in town. There are many qualified instructors out there who would be more than happy to welcome a new student or two into the fold.


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