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Target employee's hunch on license plate number leads police to kidnapped girl

Target employee saves license plate number that brings cops to a kidnapped girl.
Target employee saves license plate number that brings cops to a kidnapped girl.
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When a 7-year-old girl was snatched from her mother outside their Pittsburg, California home by a stranger, police went into action and posted an Amber Alert. A loss-prevention specialist employed by Target had finished her shift and was at home when her roommate told her about the Amber Alert, according to Fox News live on Jan. 8.

Roxanna Ramirez picked up the phone and called the police. Earlier in the day she had seen a man sit in his vehicle for hours and he had been in the store earlier acting bizarre. She wrote down his license plate in case some type of incident happened later that the day. Ramirez said she followed the man out of the Target store because he exhibited bizarre behavior, according to New York Post today.

She was right on target when she thought the license plate number would come in handy. She told police that she continued watching him on security camera as he stayed several hours in the parking lot. He was pacing, changing his clothes and at one point he was seen in his car intensely shaking the steering wheel.

Her hunch to write down the man’s license plate paid off because when she gave the police the license plate number of the bizarre acting man in her store and parking lot, they found that kidnapped girl.

Police ran the plates and tracked down the man. He had the little girl, but she safe and sound. Ramirez held the key to this entire case with that license plate number. Because of her hunch, the cops were able to find the little girl.

David Douglas had followed the little girl and her mother home from a Walmart store in the same town and nabbed her before she went into the house with her mother.

Douglas did an interview and it was easy to surmise that he was dealing with some type of mental health issues. He told the interviewer that the girl’s mother’s glances told him that she was a part of the conspiracy against him.

"I took her because it was arranged for me to take her," Douglas said, "I didn't know what I was going to with her but I know it was not to harm her in any way."

Thanks to Ramirez's hunch that the man might cause some type of problem she took down that license plate. Then when she heard of the Amber Alert, calling the police brought them one step closer to finding the 7-year-old girl.

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