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Target costume


 Hit the Halloween bull's-eye with an easy duct-tape design
applied to a black shirt -- then score an extra point with our arrow hat, made from a length of wire hanger and two straws.

 Red, black, blue, and white duct tape 
 Parchment paper 
 Assorted sizes of plates, bowls, and glasses 
 Black sweatshirt and pants 
 Wire cutters 
 Wire hanger 
 2 plastic straws 
Time needed: Under 1 Hour

1. The Target: Stick adjoining strips of white duct tape to a sheet of parchment paper, covering an area just bigger than a dinner plate (this was 10 1/2 inches in diameter). Trace the plate. Repeat with the blue, red, and black tape, tracing three increasingly smaller circles (traced were 8- and 6-inch-diameter bowls and a 3 1/2-inch-diameter glass).

2. Cut along the traced lines. Peel the white circle from the parchment and stick it to the shirt?s front, then affix the other circles atop to create the target design.

3. The Arrow: With the wire cutters, cut the straight bottom segment from the hanger. Bend it to form an arch that will fit over your child?s head. Trim about 1 1/2 inches from each straw. Sandwich one end of each straw between squares of duct tape. Trim the duct tape into a point and feathers, as shown. Slip the straws over the wire ends and secure them with more tape.