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Tara the heroic cat is throwing the first pitch at next week's game

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Tara the heroic cat that saved a 4-year-old’s life is making another debut soon. The news was just announced today, May 16, that this heroic cat Tara, will be throwing the first pitch at the upcoming Bakersfield minor league baseball game early next week.

The video that made Tara famous was just posted two days ago and has already reached way over 17 million views. In the video, 4-year-old Jeremy was riding his tricycle when a neighbor’s dog attacked his ankle and dragged him off of his bike. The dog continues dragging him for a good five full-seconds down the gravel until the cat charges straight into the dog, slamming into him and then furiously chasing the dog away from the family’s home.

4-year-old Jeremy’s bravery cannot be overlooked. This brave little boy gets out from underneath his his bike seemingly well, despite having serious injuries. Jeremy did receive stitches for his very deep bite wounds (which can be seen in the full video) but thanks to this heroic cat Tara, Jeremy is doing just fine.

Luckily the cat charged into the dog when he did, or Jeremy’s wounds could have been worse. “Tara the hero cat,” as he is referred to by the boy and several other media outlets, will not only be making a debut throwing the first pitch at next week’s game, it is also rumored that State Senator Andy Vidak would like to recognize Tara for her heroism.

While the owner of the dog did “voluntarily surrender him to the animal care center,” the family is not pressing any charges against him. Although the dog is set to be euthanized (as he is considered unadoptable) phone calls have flooded the animal care center from several people that want to either adopt the dog, or save him from euthanization. Most of the callers have stated that they can correct the dog’s behavior.

The center is very concerned about getting so many calls for the one dog while there are so many other good dogs that want a good family and home to be in. The animal center also says that the dog’s vicious behavior continues to be prevalent in the shelter, as he has continually attempted to maul workers when they bring him food or water. Unfortunately, favor seems to sway in the direction of euthanization.

To see more of Tara the hero cat in her second act, from heroism to baseball pitching, see her at the Bakersfiled game next week as she throws the opening pitch at the minor league game.


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