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Tara the cat saves the day, and her family from a dog attack

Most people think cats aloof and not as affectionate as dogs. I know from growing up with them that that statement is really not true. This story gives cats a new light and shows them they can show true love. Tara is really one of the most famous cats of all time. The act of Heroism she showed will always make her famous from time to come.

tara saves the day
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A California boy- Jeremy Triantafilo who is only 4 years old, was riding his bicycle in his own driveway when the neighbors dog approached and began attacking the little boy, and dragging him. The parents stood and watched in horror and the dog began chewing at the boy’s leg. A large dark blur then came flying and slammed into the dog pushing him away from the boy and the dog was so startled as the dark object kept running towards him, he ran away startled.

The parents have a security camera and were shocked to see that the dark blur was their own cat that protected the boy and saved him. The cat is named Tara and is dark tiger striped tabby cat. She found the family 6 years ago, when she saw them outside and followed them home. When their son was born, Tara was so in love in Jeremy that she would sleep in his crib.

Jeremy’s parents had no idea Tara was even in the situation until they looked at the camera footage. They are so thankful for Tara, and understand that without her, Jeremy’s injuries could have been so much worse.

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