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Tara Reid 'Sharknado 2': Tornado picking up sharks can feasibly happen says Reid

Tara Reid is back in the second “Sharknado” movie, simply titled “Sharknado 2”. It is premiering on the SyFy Channel this week. The original movie was an unbelievable success and if you thought that you were watching 100% science fiction, think again, says the star of the movie, Reid.

Tara Reid in "Sharknado 2," she believes a shark storm could really happen, while it is highly unprobable, there is a possibility she conveys.
Sharknado 2 promo

According to MSN News on July 27, Reid conveys that while the possibilities are extremely slim, a “Sharknado” can feasibly happen. If a tornado picked up a bunch of sharks going over water, then a real “Sharknado” could take place, like the one in New York City, which is the setting of this flying shark sequel.

If a tornado can pick up trucks, cows and entire buildings, then it could probably pick up sharks, but it would have to be a perfect storm-like scenario for that to happen. Reid who starred in the first “Sharknado” movie is back with her shark hunting crew this time around.

The promotional photos seen on the New York Daily News show more cleavage than sharks, but since they are all in diver’s suits, it looks like they will be hunting sharks. Reid who gained national fame with her “American Pie” role, says the tornado picking up sharks probably have the same chance as “when pigs fly.”

Since people use the term “when pigs can fly” to point out that something is impossible, that wasn’t the best term to use when pointing out that a “Sharknado” could scientifically occur. Reid caught herself after comparing the chances of a shark tornado with pigs flying saying, “I don’t think pigs could fly, but actually sharks could be stuck in tornados. There could be a “Sharknado.”

Joining Reid in “Sharknado 2” are newcomers Vivica A. Fox, Mark McGrath and Kari Wuhrer. Co-starring with Reid is Ian Zierling of “90210” fame and he said he wants the fans to be prepared if a tornado does bring down the wrath of sharks or any other meat-eating animals for that matter.

Arm yourself with a chainsaw, which is Zierling’s idea of weathering a storm that's coming at you with alot of teeth and strong jaws. The chainsaw made a good weapon in the first movie, maybe they will bring it to another level in the second flying shark movie!

Tune in Wednesday July 30, at 9 p.m. for the second flying shark experience, the “Sharknado 2” premiere on the SyFy Channel.

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