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TAPW comes together for Logan

"Impressive" Anthony Wayne and Logan Furey at Logan's Heroes Benefit in McMinnville, TN.
Lekisha Oliver

Tennessee All-Pro Wrestling has been bringing action to McMinnville, but last night, they brought it for Logan.

One of TAPW’s greatest fans, Logan Furey, is a battle for his life. After battling multiple cysts and a lesion on his brain, Logan requires surgery to remove the lesion to save his life. The Furey family came together along with the TAPW family for Logan last night.

With an entire day of fund raising sales, auctions and wrestling, the family at TAPW raised over $1,100 for the Furey family.
Tennessee All-Pro Wrestling released the following statement Sunday morning:

“To all the fans and to all the wrestlers that came together, we were able to raise over $1,100 for Logan! This will be a great help to Logan and to the Furey family. Thank you to everyone for coming out and helping this wonderful young man in his journey to health!”

Tennessee All-Pro Wrestling is located at 191 Industrial Drive in McMinnville, Tennessee, each Saturday night. For more information, visit them on Facebook .

Update: After speaking with Logan's family, a new total has been announced. Between the area churches, area organizations and private citizens, over $2,500 has been raised!

"We are truly blessed," Logan's mom Leah Smartt said on Sunday. "The tears I cried was not sad, but tears of joy! I would like to add that TAP wrestling helped me pull it all together"

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