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Taps for Steve Flores at MMMC

Stephen A. Flores - was born February 6th 1954, and raised here in Albuquerque. He was preceded in death by his Father a WW2 Veteran and his Mother who worked for the US Government.

Taps was played while the American flag was raised.
Edward Cardona

Steve graduated in 1972 and joined the green berets, US Army soon thereafter. He served in Vietnam. He died on Thursday March 28, 2013.

Steve was a very active and outgoing man. Which was apparent by his love for thrill seeking that included cliff driving, rock climbing, repelling, and so much more.

He was raised in a proud (Apache) Native American home, and lived on the Jemez pueblo for about 15yrs. He loved to travel, and had been all over the US.

He is survived by his three daughters, Daphne, Jennifer, and April Flores. As well as his brothers Johnny, Walter and sisters, Patricia, Mary, Meredith, and Catherine.

Four veterans representing the US Army, Air Force, Marines, and Navy honored Steve Flores with a taps and half mast ceremony at Manzano Mesa Multigenerational Center. See slideshow for details of the ceremony.

A memorial service was held April 6th at the French Mortuary located on Lomas near Eubank at noon.

His being a green beret in the US Army was no small feat. If you want to wear the green beret of the Army Special Forces, be warned, it takes more than the ability to do hundreds of push-ups. To make it in the Special Forces of any branch of the U.S. military, you need intelligence, an outstanding record of prior military service (at least three years), and high motivation - very high.


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