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Tap essay – a shining example of the digital discourse

Once hi-tech devices have appeared, the society got new opportunities in various spheres. Education is not an exception. It is the area, where new technologies are implemented quickly and effectively. Students are the first to introduce different scientific achievements in studies. No wonder! Being reluctant to write bulks of information or hunt after some rare books in libraries, quick-witted youngsters strive to make their life easier and use smart phones, tablets and other devices for educational purposes.

Not long ago it was popular to present information accompanied with the sound, pictures and some other visual effects by means of the program Power Point. Actually, such presentations are still widely-used and enjoy popularity.

Still, new genres of digital essays have appeared. The most popular is a tap essay, which was invented by Robin Sloan in 2012. It has much in common with the presentation made in Power Point. The difference is that such essays are meant for touch-screen devices. The idea of tap essay is the following: the slides, containing text and images, change by taping on the screen of the device. The information is organized in a linear order. It means that to proceed reading the story, one should touch the screen of the tablet or a smart phone.

“So, where is a zing?” you will ask. There is one. The point is that a number of words, images and “movements” between slides are limited. So, to create effective, educational presentation one should be very laconic and include only key points. On the other hand, such short stories easily draw and hold attention of the audience. Moreover, watching these presentations is not tiresome and takes little time. Read more about reliable essay writing sources at:

Later the idea of the tap essay gave rise to more extended versions. Thus, there was invented a special program Tapestry, which enables users to create tap essays in a browser window and share them by means of the special mobile application. So, if you are interested in creating a tap essay, you may find ideas for it at

Needless to say, that all modern electronic devices simplify our life and do us a world of good, but do not forget to use them wisely.

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