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Tantric sex: Why you should consider it for your relationship

Tantric Sex
Tantric Sex

Nowadays, few couples are aware of the notion of tantric sex, and even fewer of them know how much it can benefit their relationship. No matter if you are in a relationship or you are married to your spouse, tantric intercourse can and undoubtedly will take your connection to a whole new level. Tantric sex is anything but new, as it dates back to the ancient times when it was commonly used as a spiritual practice, rather than a sexual one.

Originally, tantric intercourse was more of a relaxation technique than a tool meant to bring pleasure, and it is similar to the well-known yoga in many different ways. It can help you relax and let off some steam, and it can also help you grow spiritually and connect with your chosen one on a very different level, one that you have never felt before.

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What Makes This Type Of Sex So Special?

It is the deep and romantic character of the tantric sex that actually makes it so special. People make love differently: while some of them only have sex, others truly connect with their partners and make love to each other. In the end, you can tell a lot about your partner by the way he is making love to you, and this type of sex is certainly more than just the sexual intercourse itself – it is a way of life. Although the notion of tantric intercourse does suggest a lot of bedroom action, it is certainly a lot more than that, it can become a lifestyle.

Simply put, the entire concept of tantric sex revolves around the notions of male energy and female energy, which are commonly referred to as the Shiva and the Shakti. It is believed every since the ancient times that when these two forms of energy connect to a whole new different level, they can help both partners reach a superior state of enlightenment.

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What Are The Benefits?

As mentioned earlier, the tantric intercourse is not only about the sex, it is about that strong emotional and spiritual bound and connection that you make with your better half. One of the most notable benefits of including tantric sexual intercourse in your relationship is the fact that it involves a lot of breathing – the entire concept relies on breathing exercises, which will increase the oxygen intake to your blood and automatically, the oxygen delivery to your body’s vital organs. Tantric sex will make you feel alive and re-energized,and not just because of the sexual intercourse, but because you will take deep breaths of fresh air – literally!

On the other hand, tantric sexual intercourse is extremely efficient for those who are subjected to a lot of stress, especially at work. We all know that stress can wreak havoc on your life as a couple, regardless if you are married or not. Stress can suck out all your energy, kill your libido and sex drive and just leave you tired and lifeless. However, your life does not have to be like that, as tantric sex can help you regain all your lost energy and sex drive without resorting to supplements or anything of that kind. You just need to find the inner strength and desire to do that, and you will also need a supporting and understanding partner who related to that.

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Nowadays, many people have sex just for the grand finale – and when that happens, it is no longer love making but sex. However, if you opt for the courses of a tantric instructors, you will learn to enjoy every single second of it, from the foreplay to the climax, everything will make your body shiver with pleasure and desire and it will help you experience a full body orgasm like you have never experienced before.

The secret lies in the total arousal of your body – we tend to focus too much on our genitals, when actually the orgasm encompasses the entire body as a whole, rather than just parts of it. With tantric sexual intercourse, you can enjoy quicker, fuller and more intense orgasms, while still relaxing and sensitizing your body at the same time.

Last, but not least, tantric intercourse is a great reason to turn your entire bedroom into a relaxation oasis, your own safe haven where you can relax after a hard day. Creating the right atmosphere for the intercourse is what is truly challenging, as you need to make sure that it is as pleasant and comfortable as possible. That being said, you will need to grab some scented candles, a couple of pleasant aromatherapy scents that will revive your body and your soul and to get some sensual bedsheets as well. It is all about the atmosphere that you create, as it can make or break your whole tantric session, so pay extra attention to the small details that truly make the difference!

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