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Tantramatch including Tantra Love Festivals


For those of you who don't know what Tantra is, it originated 7000 years ago in India and its teachings were used mainly for the purpose of gaining spiritual enlightenment. Modern Tantra teachers (like myself) have found ways to simplify what following a Tantra lifestyle means - and there are basically only two requirements. To 'live life through love' and to 'make love through love.' The sanskrit root of the word Tantra means 'expansion through liberation of the mind,' - and it's in that phrase we understand Tantra's association with sex. When it comes to sex, Tantra couples have few taboos. As long as both partners are consenting adults and live through the two requirements stated above, happy compromise is reached to ensure both enjoy mutually satisfactory sex lives.

Stella Ralfini believes the root of all change comes down to a healthy attitude towards sex - i.e. the ability to be able to discuss sex in the same way we discuss the weather. "Only when people stopped feeling that sex is something to be whispered about, will we be able to stamp out the flea-pit ugliness of what sex has increasingly become." says Ralfini

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What makes our Tantramatch matchmaking site so uniquely different is that it caters only for singles seriously seeking honest, lasting relationships. To ensure that only honesty is brought to the table, no-one gets away with posting out of date pics. When you decide to become a member, you 're directed to our Tantramatch photo booth. Four pics are taken, from which you choose two on to go on your profile page. We have assistants to enhance and edit your profile to give everyone the same fair chance at attracting a partner.

Even though the advanced apps and features on our Tantramatch site, put it streets ahead of more expensive ones, Tantramatch will not be expensive. (In your case, if you choose a reward of twenty pounds upwards from our rewards menu, your membership will be FREE for a year) There are no 'trial' memberships on Tantramatch. Trial memberships encourage 'quick fix' sex types and game players to inundate you with mail.

In 2015, Tantra Love Festivals have already been arranged for May on the Greek island of Paros. Two have been arranged for June in the UK - and by this Xmas I'll know in which other countries I'll be teaching from July 2015. If you own a centre, I offer a couple of unique rewards you might wish to take advantage of - Check them out in the rewards section of the campaign.

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