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Tantracross Texas: Tantra 2.Oh! with Charla Hathaway


Tantra in Texas Meetup is thrilled  to host Tantrika and author Charla Hathaway for its monthly meeting, May 12th at 8 p.m.    And the organization is delighted --but not surprised-- by the surge in membership since her program was announced 3 weeks ago! 

April's Meetup focused on the Asian roots of Tantra, as well its psychophysical potential in a Western context.   The founder of the Bodyjoy School, Hathaway's presentation will bring  12 years of experience as a sexual healer, intimacy couselor and author to the group.  

Hathaway will also introduce her new workshop, "Love, Sex & Spirit: Playing Together."    In this particularly verdant Spring, playful energy is abundantly expressed in the natural world all around us.   As evolutionary biologist Melvin Konner has pointed out,  the smartest mammals are the most playful.  " Play," Konner says, “combining as it does great energy expenditure and risk with apparent pointlessness, is a central paradox of evolutionary biology.”    Play is an essential key to our adaptablity.     In a Tantric context, play is personified by the Hindu deity, Kamadeva.    The "evolutionary paradox" of Kama's play lures Shiva out of his forest hut, where he gambles (gambols) with his wife Shakti, playing --and losing-- a game of dice.

"Where have you been?" "At home."  "What's new there?" "The goddess beat the god at dice."  "What had he staked?"  "His bull, drum, ashes, snakes, the moon. . . "

For location and time, please join the Tantra in Texas Meetup.  This meeting is free of charge, but a donation of $3 will be most welcome.  

Mysti Easterwood organizes the Tantra in Texas Meetup, conducts various Tantra workshops, and is Prima Boborina for Tantra for Bobos!  a septameron of Essays on the basics of Tantra.


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