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Tantracross Texas: Shivananda Deva dances the Chakras!


This Sunday - May 16, Blue Theatre hosts "Energy Dance I" - a beginner-level  introduction to Esalen-style (Western) Tantra.  The guide and provocateur of this experience is Shivananda Deva, a newcomer to Austin and to its Tantric, dance and bodygnostic scene. 

A world traveler, most recently hailing from New York City, Shivananda has been developing and sharing his knowledge of human potential for 15 years.  

The shape of the evening, in Shivananda's words:

"What I will endeavor to accomplish is a kind of Introduction to Tantra, much as Charla [Hathaway] presented so nicely Wednesday, using music  and movement to explore tantric energy. Beginning with very simple meditation and movement to get people into their bodies and sensitive to their surroundings, I plan to move through three cycles over the evening:

"First, exploring their own bodies, how they move and how it all connects in the 5 Rhythms of Movement: Flowing (feminine), Staccato (masculine), Chaos (feminine joins masculine), Lyric (orgasmic), and Silence (post-orgasmic) 

"Then, in the Second wave, I will introduce breath work, the chakras, the inner flute, the PC pump, and will have them dance individual dances for each of the chakras to awaken and energize them.

"Finally, in the Third wave I plan to move into building the connection between the chakras, moving energy up and down the inner flute and building it to the point that the dancers can send their dreams and wishes and prayers and intentions shooting out the crown chakra into the universe."

The BLUE Theatre       
916 Springdale Road,
Austin, TX 78702

Pay-what-you-can.  Meditation/warm-up begins at 6 p.m. Dance at 7.


Mysti Easterwood organizes the Tantra in Texas Meetup, conducts Close-Intensive Retreat workshops, and is Prima Boborina for Tantra for Bobos!  a septameron of Essays on the basics of Tantra.


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