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Tantra workshop

Yab-yum is a basic tantric position - for connection and love.
Yab-yum is a basic tantric position - for connection and love.

Are you among the millions who have vowed to do things differently this new year? There are lots of reasons why this workshop might be a step in the right direction. Dawn is eager to answer your questions and share about the benefits of tantra.

Introduction to the Art of Tantra
Facilitator(s): Dawn Beck and Gerard Gatz (Certified Tantric Educators)
Date(s): Saturday, January 29, 2011
Time: 10am - 6:30pm
Location: Niwot (Boulder area), private home
Cost: $150 Single/ $275 Couple
Contact: Dawn Beck, 720 304-6449,

Description: Participate in a day to awaken a deeper understanding of the Art of Tantra. In a fun, safe and supportive environment, you will have the amazing opportunity to explore the connection between love, spirituality, sexuality and intimacy. Learn techniques that will allow you to open and connect with energy centers in your being…energy simply bubbling to emerge! Skills taught include modalities of touch, conscious loving techniques and creative, playful ways to either deepen and spice up your existing love life or prepare you to attract the Beloved you seek. Open pathways to more fully tap into the reservoir of pleasure that is innately yours. Through the discovery of this empowering essence…comes the ability to celebrate and share more fully in all aspects of your life.

*presented in a safe and sacred space…fully clothed …with open minds and open hearts*

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