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Tanous J. El Kareh

Tanous croons the crowd at The Store
Tanous croons the crowd at The Store
Photograph by Marcus Dayton Bailey

Tanous had a show a while back at The Store (2002 N. Halsted), that also featured Trace Hamilton. Tanous (I say Tawn-Oh's) always impresses me with his deep talented box of tools and stage presence. As a performing musician, Tanous is able to simultaneously embody levels of sounds that scan a prism of tastes. Cool and collective, he swayed while disposing a guitar with popping chords that cooperate with an astounding soulful side throughout his lyrics and melodic grafting.

Tanous is fine arts personified. You should see this dude “dance”. Outside of being an excellent chord realizing instrumentalist and singer he adds an extra gear with his thespian chops. As an actor he was recently in the UIC production of Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night", and can be seen on gazillions of youtube videos and vimeos. Tanous plays God in this one .

Tanous will be performing again at The Store next month, as well as performing at other locations and also in plays. To find out more about Tanous J. El Kareh or to subscribe to his channels and sounds please click on the link below.