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Tank-top worthy arms

A right to bare arms
A right to bare arms
pic by dolsar

Temperatures have started to climb and with the sun shining, it already feels like shorts and tank-top weather.

Make sure you have a "Right to Bare Arms" by following a few of these sexy, sculpting moves.

Shoulders: for toned looking arms, shoulders are the key. The shoulders need to be worked from different angles.

First start with front raises. Grab two 2-8 lb. dumbbells and raise them straight in front of you, and lower down to your legs. Three sets of 15 should get a good burn.

Next, lateral raises. Lateral raises create a nice shapely shoulder cap and should be a staple of your shoulder workout. Use 5-8lb dumbbells and lift them straight out to the sides, hold one second, and lower slowly. Three sets of 15 lateral raises.

Third staple shoulder exercise is the shoulder press. Form is important on shoulder presses. You can go a little heavier here, 8-15lb dumbbells. Hold your arms at a 90 degree angle and press the dumbbells over head. It is important to press the elbows straight and return to the start position. For shoulder presses do only 3 sets of 12.

Nest, we don't want to forget about the triceps. The best and easiest exercises to do for triceps are push-ups and dips. Do as many as you can!! You can do these anywhere. Do push-ups on your counter top morning and night after brushing your teeth. Dips can be done on a bench or the edge of a chair.

Try this short arm routine 2-3 days per week and you'll have toned arms that you will be proud to show off!


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