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TangoTab -When you eat, they eat.

Launch Party in Austin on January 21st
Launch Party in Austin on January 21st

"When you eat, they eat" is the motto of TangoTab, a social and philanthropic company that provides a free app to help feed appetites. Launching in Austin on Tuesday- January 21, 2014 at The Goodnight Austin from 6 to 9 p.m., all you have to do is show your downloaded TangoTab app at the door to get in. DOWNLOAD

TangoTab is giving Austin a way to help feed the hungry, simply by dining out. The company's app provides consumers with free restaurant deals and every time someone redeems an offer, TangoTab works with its non-profit partners to provide a meal to a person in need.

It doesn't get much better than this. Think about it. How often do you dine out? Do you take your smart phone with you? You can easily be part of the movement to end hunger right here in your community while saving yourself some money at the same time. It is a WIN-WIN-WIN for all parties concerned and all for a wonderful cause.

"TangoTab's goal is to bring passionate customers to participating restaurants while simultaneously helping fight the hunger problem here at home," says Andre Angel, founder and CEO of TangoTab. "We have created a win-win-win model where diners save money, restaurants get traffic when they need it, and the hungry have a meal too."

Restaurants that have signed on to the TangoTab mission in Austin include Juan in a Million, 111 Forks, GreenGos, The Goodnight, Claypit, Cantina Laredo and more. Using TangoTab is a simple process; diners download the free app (on Android or iPhone) and search for restaurant deals in their area. Restaurants partner with TangoTab to get the word out about specials and to fill seats at times that they need diners. When the diner redeems a deal at a restaurant simply by showing their phone screen to the wait staff, the consumer receives the deal, the restaurant gets the business and TangoTab donates a meal to non-profit partners in that diner's area.

In Austin, TangoTab has partnered with local non-profits that are making a difference. TangoTab has agreements to benefit the Capital Area Food Bank, Caritas and the Eastside Community Connection-all organizations putting help and assistance into growing a sustainable fight against hunger ecosystem in the central Texas area.

"Caritas of Austin is excited to partner with TangoTab," said Jo Kathryn Quinn, executive director, Caritas of Austin. "As philanthropy continues to evolve and people look for relevant ways to give back to those in need, platforms like TangoTab allow unique opportunities to do so. Living in a city where people love food, we look forward to partnering with local restaurants to help fight hunger in our community."

Founded in 2012, TangoTab is a significant way to address the challenge of hunger right here at home; where one in six Americans will go to bed hungry tonight. TangoTab allows everyone to participate and contribute by simply doing something they love to do-dine out! And when you eat, they eat. To date, diners have helped TangoTab contribute more than 235,000 meals to people in need. And the number is growing exponentially.

Based in Dallas, Texas, TangoTab is also available in Austin, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Fort Worth, Oklahoma City, Westchester and Hoboken and is quickly spreading to other markets across the country. The movement is by word-of-mouth and social networking, as diners can choose to post deals redeemed on their Facebook or Twitter and be a voice for the cause.

Austinites, come join in the wonderful TangoTab Austin official Launch Party at The Goodnight Austin on Tuesday, January 21st from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Located at 2700 W Anderson Lane in Austin, Admission is FREE. Just show your downloaded TangoTab app at the door. A $10.00 suggested donation is being offered; all proceeds benefit local Austin food charities. Remember-be a part of the movement that makes a difference. When you eat, they eat. See you on the 21st to welcome TangoTab to Austin. This is just the beginning; be a part of the difference.

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