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Tandy Beal and Company brings concert ‘HereAfterHere’ to Santa Clara University

Tandy Beal dance group
Tandy Beal dance group
Courtesy of Tandy Beal

A self-guided tour of eternity, with original dance, theatre, music, and videos concerning what might happen after we die will be presented in concert at the Louis B. Mayer Theatre on the Santa Clara University campus on Friday and Saturday March 28, 29 at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday March 30 at 2 p.m.

A Tandy Beal and Company press release states, “Is it the magical mystery tour? Nothing? Or something in between? Dying is last on our to-do list - and often left off the list. New imagery and stories are needed to help re-envision this startling finality. Death is the last taboo in our culture - we can talk about sex and money, but not death. We worry that if we bring it up, we might bring it on! So, without using a specific theological lens, this concert, with its extensive outreach, opens a community dialogue about death.”

The concert has 18 actors and dancers of all ages (and one magician!) exploring the ultimate leap of the imagination - What happens after we die?

HAH is a network of images, a kinetic and conceptual palette of illusions and allusions wrapped up in Jon Scoville’s rich musical score. The set by Kate Edmunds is on three levels and behind a scrim, so time and space appear to float, especially when juxtaposed with evocative trompe l’oiel videos by Denise Gallant and Guggenheim winner, Ellen Bromberg. HAH changes ‘channels’ frequently, moving from live dance to life sized filmed dancers to interviews to visual images. This allows people to keep shifting POV, as in a dream. There is a good dose of humor woven into the work—people come to the theatre to be entertained as well as to be engaged in ideas.

Attend panel discussions with distinguished speakers

Panels and discussions throughout the county, each with speakers from various religions and fields of medicine, broaden the dialogue about this unimaginable and inevitable future step in all of our lives. The project echoes O. Henry’s last words: “Turn up the lights. I don't want to go home in the dark.”


This collaboration includes: Silicon Valley Interfaith, a benefit for Hospice of the Valley, and for Noetic Sciences, SCU Presents Arts and Social Justice, Center for Living with Dying. The concert also hosts members of the Northern CA Hospice Conference.

Tandy Beal says, “We premiered this work in Santa Cruz CA and turned hundreds of people away. Clearly this is a subject that has great immediacy and impact. Ann Pomper, then Executive Director of Hospice Santa Cruz, stated “You raised $5,000 for us, but what you really did was raise millions in awareness. The work is poignant, funny, tender, incisive and inclusive. Being on planet E, in a body, mind and heart…every moment…sometimes you don’t remember how wondrous this all is, until it almost disappears…”

See an excerpt of the work

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Tandy Beal & Company


By June Smith

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